Category: Programming

  • Application Specific Information in Leopard Crash Reports

    Mac OS X Leopard added a lot of new features in the Crash Reporter giving much better crash reports in a number of situations. One of these enhancements you’ll see in applications like DashboardClient is that crash logs can contain an “Application Specific Information” section, with any text that application wants to appear in the […]

  • And they say Xcode isn’t stable

    andrew 6535 0.1 -6.5 537188 136228 ?? S 28Jan06 109:23.91 /Developer/Applications/ -psn_0_8519681 That’s right folks, it is currently 22:29, 6th March 2006, and that copy of Xcode has really been running since January 28th. Unfortunately it’s really getting to the stage where I should restart for these updates that keep showing up so it may […]

  • Ripplin’

    Plenty of people have wanted to reproduce the “ripple” effect from Dashboard in Mac OS X. So, for all you people looking to do it, here’s some code to ripple your own windows. Download Rippler here (52KB). Enjoy 🙂

  • Extended Attributes and Tiger’s Rsync

    It’s been a while, but never fear I’ve got a nice shiny new bug for you today. Rsync can in some cases not handle the -E and -‍-delete functions very well when combined together. Because Apple chose to implement resource forks in rsync using their you-beaut-gee-whiz ._ files, when the resource fork doesn’t exist for […]

  • Report-an-Apple-bug Friday (on Tuesday)

    My bug relates to a small problem I found — a 100% reproducible kernel panic.

  • Deliciously Captivating Concepts

    So drunkenbatman has posted another enthralling interview, this time with Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster. As always it’s an amazing read, so if you haven’t read it, grab a drink (alcoholic of course) and settle down for a nice long read. Wil’s thoughts on heuristic algorithms are quite interesting. Throughout my degree (and indeed most […]