Report-an-Apple-bug Friday (on Tuesday)

Dan Wood had an awesome idea for Report-an-Apple-bug Friday. Last Friday was the second Report-an-Apple-bug Friday, so it seemed fitting that I had filed this bug over the weekend.

My bug relates to a small problem I found — a 100% reproducible kernel panic. The panic code is actually the same code Graham and I developed for the Mac OS X Experts Challenge. While Apple fixed the panic caused by panpipes, it turns out that our code triggered another related bug, but not the same bug, which also results in a kernel panic.

Here’s the backtrace (from 10.4.2) for anyone who feels like working out where the bug is by themself:

#0  0x0026d9e4 in threadsignal ()
#1  0x002a529c in catch_exception_raise ()
#2  0x00043340 in exc_server_routine ()
#3  0x0004326c in exc_server ()
#4  0x002a5110 in macx_swapinfo ()

It’s fairly simple (threadsignal isn’t all that long), and follows on from the theme of the panic Amit used in the Mac OS X Expert’s Challenge. It should be fairly easy to work out what the trouble here is with reference to panpipes.

For the record, the Radar ID is 4225451.

I’ve got an idea for my bug for this Friday, so let’s see if we can carry on without Dan for a week, we’d all hate to let him down.