Comment Spam

So there’s been a whole bunch of comment spam attempts (all rather useless because I’ve got comment moderation turned on for just such an event). None of them seem to actually be much use for spamming, they’re all the standard “your site is so great” garbage, then with a few links to popular websites (think major news sites, etc). I can only assume they’re trying to see if it’s possible to post comment spam or not before they then go nuts and try lots of different sites, although I’ve had a fair number of them just for this. Who knows, after all one of the key rules of spammers is that spammers are stupid isn’t it?

To avoid them I’m going to make a small modification to the comment posting page so it doesn’t fit the standard template they’re no doubt trying. In the garbage field you need to enter at least 4 characters — any 4 characters will work, this should just stop any bots that are trying the standard WordPress template for entering a comment.